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About Google Cache Checker

Publishing unique and fresh content is one of the best ways to achieve high rankings in Google. But how can we know if Google had crawled our website or how can we check if Google really knows that our site also exists? These type of questions come in every one's mind and the answer to these matters in the Google Cache Checker Tool by MYSEOBD. When Google Spider crawls your website, it takes a snapshot of each web page and store them as backup. So when a user searches for a keyword or phrase in Google search, the cached version is what Google uses to find if it matches with the searched phrase or not.  Each search result includes a link to cached version of the website which takes the user to the cached page of the site. It is very beneficial when a website is temporarily down due to technical issues.

How To Use Google Cache Checker Tool By MYSEOBD?

  • Enter the complete site URL in the text box; you can check up to 20 links at a time. In just a second, our tool will provide you with the accurate time and date Google produced your web's most recent cached version.